Who Says Using Credit Cards Makes Wasteful? Can Save with This Trick

Credit cards are synonymous with consumption and waste. Is it true? Yes, it’s not like that. There are users who can use credit cards wisely. As a result this non-cash payment instrument actually provides many benefits for its users.

The bank as a credit card issuer often provides various discounts, promos, attractive cashback. The goal, of course, is for users to use credit cards for shopping, recreation, and so on.

Now by using these promos, actually you can save even more when using a credit card. Credit cards won’t break down, which impacts your monthly bill. How the heck?


1. Maximize Promos for New Users

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If you are a new user, banks usually have special treatment so that you actively use credit cards for financial needs or transactions. For example, welcome bonus for new card holders, welcome cashback, discounts at a number of merchants who work together, and other exciting promos that can make you tempted. Just take advantage of these promos or bonuses. It’s a shame if you don’t use it. The important thing is, don’t make a mistake.


2. Use Reward Points

The most common advantage of using a credit card is the reward point. So every time you use a credit card to transact, like shopping, you will get points. You can exchange points that have been collected with attractive prizes, such as shopping vouchers, flight miliage, free airport lounges, and more.

By maximizing credit card reward points, you can save money. For example, exchanging 1,000 reward points for movie tickets. Not bad, no need to spend cash or swipe credit cards again to transact.


3. Look for Credit Cards that Give You Lots of Luck

3. Look for Credit Cards that Give You Lots of Luck

Another trick, if you are looking for a first, second or third credit card, try to compare credit cards from several issuers first. Each issuing bank launches a credit card with a different offer. Check what benefits are provided, facilities, to those concerning costs and penalties before applying for a credit card. This is important so that you don’t regret it later.

You can also ask friends, or read the reviews of people who already use the credit card. Want to save money, not only tempted by gifts or promos offered by the bank, but also see other things, such as annual fees, annual fees, late fees, administrative fees, and others that can affect your bill payments every month.


4. Choose the Credit Card that Suits Your Needs

If you have done a little research, determine the choice of credit card that suits your needs. But it also gives you an advantage. Don’t get stuck on promos that make you difficult later. If you are sure, immediately submit a credit card directly through the issuing bank or through a financial product marketplace site, such as Good Lenders Credit.


5. Pay Bills Before Maturity

5. Pay Bills Before Maturity

Using a credit card is the same as being in debt. So make sure you are disciplined in paying bills every month. Pay credit card bills before the due date to avoid things that are not desirable. Don’t pay bills too tight, worry when the due date, you have a lot of work for example, so forget to pay it off. Finally got fined, the bill became more swollen.

The intention of the heart to be frugal, instead it is wasteful. Even if you are disciplined in paying credit card bills, there are banks that give you additional reward points. Your credit score also remains safe, so it will benefit you when you want to apply for another loan to the bank.


Save Rich Base

Owning and transacting with credit cards is not a scourge. Credit cards will provide you with many benefits and benefits if used wisely. Saving is one of the goals in financial management. As the proverb says, saving the base is rich, so don’t waste it, okay? While you can still use the promo, why not?